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About Susan

I have worked with animals since growing up on a small farm in Illinois. I love dogs & cats and also specialize in caring for pet rabbits, including rabbits living in your house! I know the daily workings of a small hobby farm and can loving care for your pet animals while you are away. Chickens crack me up with their personalities. I love walking dogs and can even run/walk with dogs. I was a recreational triathlete for some time and now train and do some long distance bicycle riding every year. I also love to swim. I am fond of cats that really like to socialize with humans, but don't feel bad if they just want to do their own thing.

I am a licensed Landscape Architect. I also own Chuckanut Planning & Design. I work on map data with Square One Maps. I previously worked 15 years at Bellingham Parks & Recreation as a Construction Inspector and Cartographer. I have lived in Illinois, Oregon, Alaska and Washington.

I hope you hire Bunny's Pet and Garden Sitting. Thank you.